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FIF Services, LLC, dba Fraud Investigation & Forensic Services, is a licensed Private Investigation firm based in Florida, specializing in financial crimes investigations and forensic analysis. 


Our mission at Fraud Investigation & Forensic Services is three-fold; to conduct enhanced due diligence on your behalf to safeguard against financial fraud, conduct investigation to identify evidence to substantiate fraud, or identify evidence to refute allegations of fraud and other financial crimes.


Do you have the need for a deep dive into records and other resources? Forensic analysis in financial investigation combines forensic accounting and investigative techniques to identify patterns and relationships, hidden assets and the use of illicit funds. Call or Book a consultation to hear how we can assist you.

Our promise, to untangle webs of deceit.





Due Diligence

Forensic Analysis

We help you safeguard against fraud by conducting a rigorous investigative background on companies & individuals before you enter into business ventures or private placement investments.

Examination of financial records and other data to identify assets or the use of illicit of funds.

Investigative Interviews

Litigation Support

In collaboration with Law firms, we investigate to substantiate fraud or refute allegations of fraud & other financial crimes. Identify and conduct witness interviews. Evaluate discovery productions. Perform forensic analysis as part of our fact-finding process.  

We conduct witness interviews & other third-party interviews to gather evidence and leads throughout your investigation.

Background Investigation

Asset Searches

We provide asset searches during fraud investigations and other financial investigations such as those involving Divorce, Child Support and Probate pleadings. 

Comprehensive background investigations that reveal criminal records, civil litigations, business interests, judgement and liens, reputational history, plus more.

Cryptocurrency Investigation

We conduct forensic tracing and blockchain analysis on allegations involving crypto investment fraud.

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Tel. (954) 955-1460

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